Show Notes: Episode 41

Episode 41: Un Petit Flu [Being Sick]

If you haven’t already, check out this episode from Sawbones: Influenza Dr. Sydnee McElroy is very smart and explains things clearly.

Check out this helpful guide on colds v. the flu from the CDC. You can read more here.


Lem Sip is amazing and everyone should know about it!

Here is the link to the WebMD list. Note - WebMD is not a substitute for a real ding-dang doctor. Trust us.

Protect your brain! Don’t use tap water in your neti pot! Read all about it here.

Show Notes: Episode 40

The Sisters Mohr visit Pawnee City Hall

The Sisters Mohr visit Pawnee City Hall

Episode 40: Payphone Sighting

You NEED to be wearing underwear under your tights.
— Stephanie Mohr


This is our fool-proof itinerary for 4 days in LA! Kinda.

We started our long weekend at Pasadena City Hall. Parks and Rec used this for it’s exterior shots of Pawnee City Hall. Are there palm trees outside in Parks & Rec?!

“The building has masqueraded as San Francisco in both Rumor Has It and Charmed, Napa Valley in A Walk in the Clouds, Spain in American Pie 2, Beverly Hills in both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Beverly Hills Cop II, the Middle East in the Mission: Impossibletelevision series, and the fictional European country Tomainia in Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.” - LA Magazine

The biggest bottle of Hennessy EVER.

The biggest bottle of Hennessy EVER.

Griffith Park Observatory - IT’S FREEEEEEE! Check out their website here. If you live in LA you HAVE TO GO. LIKE RIGHT NOW. GO GO GO!

Day 2 - The Huntington! Beautiful gardens and presumably lovely exhibits (although we didn’t see those parts) Terrific gift shop! Would recommend.

Also, Kirsten had wedding part deux! We saw the biggest bottle of Hennessy ever made. Probably.

Day, the third: A bunch of people had recommended the La Brea Tar Pits. Honestly, was solidly ok. Nice skulls though.

Our last day was spent at Santa Monica Pier. Stephanie won a stuffed prize after defeating her mother and brother-in-law at whack-a-mole. A sea lion was fed. It was a good day.

Show Notes: Episode 34

Episode 34: Are Sharks Fish?

We spoke briefly about that cake from that one video game. This is the bakery Stephanie was talking about!

This is the place where it all started: Wordpress! Check out the official ITLAPD website here! And then read up on some fun facts all about the founders and their day here.

Looking for some good pirate lingo to use? Look no further! (unless you want more options)

  • Briny deep - the ocean

  • Dubloons - gold coins!

  • Landlubber - non-pirate, someone who can’t sail

  • Yo ho ho - a jolly expression

Every pirate needs a name! Use this generator to get yours all sorted out.

Pirate Day Book: The Pirate Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer by John "Chumbucket" Baur, Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers. Check it out on Amazon here!


Fave Pirate Movies:

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake***

Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

Princess Bride

The Pirates of Penzance

Muppet Treasure Island

***Pirate Steve is from Dodgeball, not Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. Stephanie is a dumb.

Show Notes: Episode 29

Episode 29: Wizard Rave

giphy (2).gif

Stephanie went to a rave! check out the DJ’s she met on their instagram:



She also met a technicolor tiger! Check them out here.

One should probably prepare for their first rave - something Stephanie did NOT do. Here are a couple of articles with some tips for first-timers. (Here and Here) Tips like:

  • Wear comfy shoes

  • Go out of your way to meet people

  • Have a Kandi-making party

  • Stay hydrated, hydrated, hydrated


 You may want to brush up on some cool rave slang too! Here’s a great example of a word Stephanie continues to misuse.

Definition: A device typically designed to catch and retain an animal.

Rave Definition: A style of electronic music emerging from Southern hip-hop, which incorporates 808 bass kick drums, triple hi-hats, and layered synths.

Learn more of them here!



Friend of the show - Beth!

Friend of the show - Beth!

Show Notes: Episode 28

Episode 28: Oops! All Icy

giphy (1).gif

It is obscenely hot pretty much everywhere. Here are some tips for keeping cool.

  • Use A/C if you have it!
  • Use fans if you don't!
  • Eat lots and lots of ice cream and popsicles (for fun and for comfort)

Here is a link to all those UK historical sites Stephanie mentioned in this week's episode. I guess the heat is good for something after all!


Heatwaves are no joke. As of the end of July, 27 people have died in South Korea this year from the heat. Read about it here. And remember to check on folks who are at risk in hot weather!

On a similar note: DON'T LEAVE ANIMALS IN HOT CARS YOU DINGUSES! We looked up the law in Washington (see below) but you should check your local laws as well!

Leave or confine any animal in unattended motor vehicle or enclosed space—Class 2 civil infraction—Officers’ authority to reasonably remove animal.
(1) It is a class 2 civil infraction under RCW 7.80.120 to leave or confine any animal unattended in a motor vehicle or enclosed space if the animal could be harmed or killed by exposure to excessive heat, cold, lack of ventilation, or lack of necessary water.
(2) To protect the health and safety of an animal, an animal control officer or law enforcement officer who reasonably believes that an animal is suffering or is likely to suffer harm from exposure to excessive heat, cold, lack of ventilation, or lack of necessary water is authorized to enter a vehicle or enclosed space to remove an animal by any means reasonable under the circumstances if no other person is present in the immediate area who has access to the vehicle or enclosed space and who will immediately remove the animal. An animal control officer, law enforcement officer, or the department or agency employing such an officer is not liable for any damage to property resulting from actions taken under this section.
(3) Nothing in this section prevents the person who has confined the animal in the vehicle or enclosed space from being convicted of separate offenses for animal cruelty under RCW 16.52.205 or 16.52.207.
— Revised Code of Washington 16.52.340

Finally, Stephanie remembered what the UKers call sweatpants! JOGGERS?!?! Or TRACKIE BOTTOMS!?!?! What a wild, magical place.

Show Notes: Episode 27

Episode 27: Dead Guppies & Lonely Living


Are you moving? Do you need help? Of course you do! Moving is the worst! Here are some very good and helpful links for all your moving needs.

If you're moving already, you might as well move to Seattle. Here is the ultimate RedFin guide to moving to Seattle!

Stephanie LOVED living in Scotland. Her university looked like Hogwarts and she lived above a pub. What a magical land! Here are some photos of Glasgow! And if you're interested, here are some fun things to do there!

Show Notes: Episode 26

Episode 26: Horse in the Basement

giphy (8).gif

Do you know nothing about ABBA? Have you been living under a rock?! Read their Wikipedia page, immediately!

Here is the list of questions we followed from Bustle. If you're not done pondering the various timeline issues in this sequel, read this from the AV Club too!


HIGH ALERT! Cher is releasing an all-ABBA cover album!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Check it out.

Cher isn't the only one. ABBA is getting back together to release a new album

Show Notes: Episode 25

Episode 25: Sicily 1922

giphy (3).gif

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We wanted to share some photos of Kirsten's dragon boat adventures, but realized her co-workers might object. So, here is a generic dragon boat picture instead! 

Here are some truly delightful Golden Girls fun facts. This one is absolutely amazing: 

19. Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury were also both reportedly fans of the show. According to UK comedian, Cleo Rocos, the two once spent an afternoon drinking champagne while watching reruns of the show with the volume down and improvising lines with “a much naughtier storyline.”

This Mental Floss article provides such a fun game to play! You can pair a matching cheesecake with episodes of the show! Check it out here.

We cannot wait to watch the weird hotel-based spin-off: Golden Palace. With Don Cheadle?! Who knew?

Stephanie's Fave: Sophia

Kirsten's Fave: ???

(We both identify most with Rose, but secretly wish we were more like Blanche. That is beauty of this cast, they're all such incredible women!)

Buzzfeed made that Sex and the City connection way back in 2015! Check out their stance here.

Show Notes: Episode 24

Episode 24: Naked Canadians



Who doesn't love fun facts? Check out this and this for fun CANADIAN facts!


Did a little googling about Lord Stanley and learned a thing or two! He was the sixth Governor General of Canada from 1888-1893. He gave Canada the Stanley Cup in 1892, which was originally called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. And in 1945 he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a "Honored Builder".

Manitoba LOVES snakes. They keep them in pits, like the Narcisse Snake Pits! Read more about their subterranean cave snakes here.

Lord Stanley!

Lord Stanley!

Learn how to make delicious Nanaimo Bars! Watch the video above!

Finally, two different approaches to accidently crossing the US/Canadian border. The Canadian approach and the US approach. This is why people like Canadians better.

Show Notes: Episode 22

giphy (2).gif

Episode 22: The Brothers Crane

We couldn't leave you hanging, so we googled the definition of massacre for you. You're welcome.

mas·sa·cre - ˈmasəkər

an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.

deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people).
— Google


You can go visit the bar from Cheers! Go here to find the locations (there are 2) in Boston! And while you're in Massachusetts, check out the Freedom Trail.

Eddie has an 'autobiography'! Please hold while I feverishly order this on Amazon.

Want some fun facts about the show? Check out this article for tidbits like: THE FIRST CUT OF THE PILOT WAS SIX MINUTES TOO LONG.

We finally know what the heck 'tossed salads and scrambled eggs' is about. Thank goodness!

Frasier's apartment would cost $3.5 million in 2018. (WHAT?!) Read more about that valuation here.




Have some bloopers!