Show Notes: Episode 29

Episode 29: Wizard Rave

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Stephanie went to a rave! check out the DJ’s she met on their instagram:



She also met a technicolor tiger! Check them out here.

One should probably prepare for their first rave - something Stephanie did NOT do. Here are a couple of articles with some tips for first-timers. (Here and Here) Tips like:

  • Wear comfy shoes

  • Go out of your way to meet people

  • Have a Kandi-making party

  • Stay hydrated, hydrated, hydrated


 You may want to brush up on some cool rave slang too! Here’s a great example of a word Stephanie continues to misuse.

Definition: A device typically designed to catch and retain an animal.

Rave Definition: A style of electronic music emerging from Southern hip-hop, which incorporates 808 bass kick drums, triple hi-hats, and layered synths.

Learn more of them here!



Friend of the show - Beth!

Friend of the show - Beth!