Show Notes: Episode 40

The Sisters Mohr visit Pawnee City Hall

The Sisters Mohr visit Pawnee City Hall

Episode 40: Payphone Sighting

You NEED to be wearing underwear under your tights.
— Stephanie Mohr


This is our fool-proof itinerary for 4 days in LA! Kinda.

We started our long weekend at Pasadena City Hall. Parks and Rec used this for it’s exterior shots of Pawnee City Hall. Are there palm trees outside in Parks & Rec?!

“The building has masqueraded as San Francisco in both Rumor Has It and Charmed, Napa Valley in A Walk in the Clouds, Spain in American Pie 2, Beverly Hills in both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Beverly Hills Cop II, the Middle East in the Mission: Impossibletelevision series, and the fictional European country Tomainia in Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.” - LA Magazine

The biggest bottle of Hennessy EVER.

The biggest bottle of Hennessy EVER.

Griffith Park Observatory - IT’S FREEEEEEE! Check out their website here. If you live in LA you HAVE TO GO. LIKE RIGHT NOW. GO GO GO!

Day 2 - The Huntington! Beautiful gardens and presumably lovely exhibits (although we didn’t see those parts) Terrific gift shop! Would recommend.

Also, Kirsten had wedding part deux! We saw the biggest bottle of Hennessy ever made. Probably.

Day, the third: A bunch of people had recommended the La Brea Tar Pits. Honestly, was solidly ok. Nice skulls though.

Our last day was spent at Santa Monica Pier. Stephanie won a stuffed prize after defeating her mother and brother-in-law at whack-a-mole. A sea lion was fed. It was a good day.