Show Notes: Episode 25

Episode 25: Sicily 1922

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We wanted to share some photos of Kirsten's dragon boat adventures, but realized her co-workers might object. So, here is a generic dragon boat picture instead! 

Here are some truly delightful Golden Girls fun facts. This one is absolutely amazing: 

19. Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury were also both reportedly fans of the show. According to UK comedian, Cleo Rocos, the two once spent an afternoon drinking champagne while watching reruns of the show with the volume down and improvising lines with “a much naughtier storyline.”

This Mental Floss article provides such a fun game to play! You can pair a matching cheesecake with episodes of the show! Check it out here.

We cannot wait to watch the weird hotel-based spin-off: Golden Palace. With Don Cheadle?! Who knew?

Stephanie's Fave: Sophia

Kirsten's Fave: ???

(We both identify most with Rose, but secretly wish we were more like Blanche. That is beauty of this cast, they're all such incredible women!)

Buzzfeed made that Sex and the City connection way back in 2015! Check out their stance here.