Show Notes: Episode 34

Episode 34: Are Sharks Fish?

We spoke briefly about that cake from that one video game. This is the bakery Stephanie was talking about!

This is the place where it all started: Wordpress! Check out the official ITLAPD website here! And then read up on some fun facts all about the founders and their day here.

Looking for some good pirate lingo to use? Look no further! (unless you want more options)

  • Briny deep - the ocean

  • Dubloons - gold coins!

  • Landlubber - non-pirate, someone who can’t sail

  • Yo ho ho - a jolly expression

Every pirate needs a name! Use this generator to get yours all sorted out.

Pirate Day Book: The Pirate Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer by John "Chumbucket" Baur, Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers. Check it out on Amazon here!


Fave Pirate Movies:

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake***

Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

Princess Bride

The Pirates of Penzance

Muppet Treasure Island

***Pirate Steve is from Dodgeball, not Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. Stephanie is a dumb.