Show Notes: Episode 21

Episode 21: Extreme Wimps

We had to do a little research on the subject of whale nipples, because we had to. This is what we discovered.

Check out these little-known Disneyland things! And here are a few tips for visiting Harry Potter land in California!

You may have missed Dismaland while it was on display, but you can take a gander at some photos to get a good idea.


giphy (1).gif

Joyland is a spooky, spooky place these days. Watch this drone video of what little remains!

The Rattler closed in 2012, which is just fine if you ask Stephanie. That thing was TOO MUCH for her.

Last, but certainly not least: the Disneyland Play Mat! This is not the original one owned by the Mohr Family, but let's not get nit-picky.