Show Notes : Episode 20

Episode 20: Meatball Head


Mama Mohr's Bread Recipe:
Mix together:
3 Cups Water
1.5 Tbsp Active Dry Yeast
1.5 Tbsp salt
6.5 Cups Flour
Leave on counter for a couple of hours. Should double in size. Divide into 2 nonstick bread loaves. Bake 450F for 40 mintes. Enjoy!

We ADORE Sailor Moon. You know, you listened to our episode all about it. Check out the links below for more good content!

Tuxedo Mask is over rated. Everyone knows but Usagi.

Friend of the show Morgan did a DOPE Sailor Moon Italian Renaissance mash up! We love it! Click through for her post!

Beautiful Morgan Donner cosplay!

Beautiful Morgan Donner cosplay!

We're so glad that VIZ Media decided to let love shine. Uranus and Neptune are the best! 

Sailor Moon had some VERY weird bad guys. Check out this and this to read more about them!

Everyone wishes they had a dope magical transformation sequence!

Last, but certainly not least: Check out Morgan's YouTube channel and like all her videos! Do IT! Kirsten is on it sometimes!